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A Change of Structure

I haven't made a lot of updates to this journal recently, but I *have* been working on the Beregoth story in my spare time. However, it's becoming hard to organize the bits and pieces I have written by standard chapters. I feel like i am jumping around too much. So from here on out, I will post story segements as they are written, but flag them according to which of the three main sotry arcs they are attached to.

The three story arcs as they stand right now are:

West Hold - The seige of West Hold, Garret Cain and his plan, Tav, Adere and Kyle

Sunblades - Norhamn Harbind, Van Simons, Edgar and the Sunblades/Order to the south

Shinreal and Sivand - Shinreal and Sivand traveling south and east in search of Alaster

Lately I have been concentrating mainly on West Hold, specifically the part of that story concerning Garret Cain. The stuff I have written for that particular arc is a lot darker and more violent than anything I have ever written before (I blame this on all the Stephen King I have been reading lately), but I was really trying to get across just how twisted Cain is and how evil the forces he is dealing with are. So, if you are squeamish, prudish, or otherwise easily offended, you might not care to read the story arcs concerning Cain and skip on to happier stuff later on (say when I get back to Shinreal and Sivand...)

I'll post the parts that are written after I do bit more editing.
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