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Beregoth Fiction Forum

(A peer review community for Beregoth)

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I have set up this community in order to post up short fiction I have written from my series: "Beregoth". I started writing thiese chapters almost 5 years ago, and it has been almost 10 years since the characters and setting were originally concieved. It has undergone a lot of changes, and since my skill as a writer has improved since I first started, earlier chapters are undergoing heavy revision.

So, this is where I am placing them for peer review. I only ask three things when I post something here and you feel compelled to reply:

1) Be constructive. I am trying to better myself as a writer by doing this. What I am looking for are opinions on characterization, plot, setting, pacing or any other story element that you may like, dislike or care to comment on. I won't begrudge the ocassional grammar fix, but really, that's what editors are for...

2) Be honest. If you think it stinks, let me know! Tell me why it stinks, and I can use that when considering new changes or modifications to the story. This is not up here as a vanity. I am truely looking for honest opinions.

3) Don't steal. I am working on a role-playing conversion of this world that will be free to everyone to do with as they please, but the setting, characters, and other aspects of Beregoth are creations of my own imagination and those of the freinds who played the original characters years ago. Please respect that and ask for permission before using anything here in your own work.

My goal is to forge this story into something that fantasy fans everywhere can enjoy, so please help me out with constructive, honest feedback so that I can improve it!


---Jason Cyrus Bustard, 25 July 2003